Please read the following information carefully before booking an appointment with us and contact us if you have any questions.


A patch test is required for customers who have not had semi-permanent makeup/tattoo done before, at least 48 hrs before the treatment. Please inform us if you’ve had any permanent make-up/tattoos done previously by another technician. A patch test can be sent to you via post, free of charge or you can have it done in our studio during a consultation, before the booking. We reserve the right to cancel or reschedule your appointment if you fail to inform us that a patch test has not arrived or you have not completed it before your appointment.


An optional consultation appointment can be booked with any of our artists at a separate cost.  Please note this price will not be deducted from the treatment price. A consultation consists of discussing the treatment method, preferred technique, colour choice and a quick pre-draw of the end result. A consultation appointment cannot be booked on the same day as a treatment. A patch test will also be performed during the consultation.

You can also contact us online to discuss your appointment or prefered treatment without a consultation.


A £30 or £50 deposit is required per treatment to confirm your appointment. Your deposit will be deducted from the treatment price and you will pay the remainder of the balance at the time of the appointment. The deposit is non-refundable for cancellation or change of mind. We keep all deposits for up to 6 months from the original payment day.


We require a minimum of 48hr notice to cancel or reschedule an appointment. Not showing up to your appointment or cancelling with less than 48hr to your appointment, will result in:

-£50 fee for all treatments costing more than £100

-£30 fee for all treatments costing less than £100

-£15 fee for all treatments costing less than £49

We hold the right to refuse service to anyone who fails to pay deposits or cancellation fees.

All cancellation fees must be paid within 24hr of invoicing and before arranging a new appointment.


All current treatment prices can be viewed on the website and the booking system, and are subject to change. In case of any changes, you will be guaranteed the initial treatment price and touch-up price as they were on the booking day.

You agree to pay the price in full (after deposit deduction) on the day of your appointment.

We accept cash, card payments, bank transfers and payments via Klarna. All payments include VAT. You can request a payment receipt/invoice at any time after your appointment.

You agree that if for any reason, the treatment can not be performed during your appointment, your deposit will be forfeited.  This includes indecisive clients, clients who may have changed their mind, pre-drawing and mapping taking longer than usual or the client is not suitable for treatment (check eligibility).

Treatments prices are non-negotiable and non-refundable.


All online bookings need to be confirmed by a member of staff. All new clients wishing to book PMU treatments are required to send us a photograph of their whole face without makeup. Please note all deposits are non-refundable, however, if for any reason we cannot accept your appointment, we will contact you directly.


You agree to complete the consultation form sent to you via SMS or email at least 48hr before your appointment.


We kindly ask you to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals may result in a shorter treatment time or cancellation of the treatment with the incurred deposit price.

Please let us know if you are running late. If you run over 20 minutes late, your appointment will be cancelled, and the deposit will be lost as a cancellation fee. You will need to pay a new deposit for any future booking.


You agree to follow all pre and post-aftercare instructions. These are available on our website and in person. All touch-ups are required within 4-12 weeks from the initial treatment for best results. It is your responsibility to arrange an appointment within this time. Any touch-up booked after this time will be treated as a colour boost.

Please ensure you are happy with the treatment before leaving the premises. Any additional retouches after this will be charged and can not be completed within the first 4 weeks.


You must be over 18 years old, not pregnant or breastfeeding and in good general health for all PMU/Aesthetics and Laser treatments. Please check our eligibility criteria before any PMU/Laser treatments or contact us directly to confirm eligibility if you have any health conditions.

You must disclose all medical conditions and current medication as this may affect your treatment. We hold the right to refuse any treatment if medical conditions have not been disclosed, or there are contraindications that we cannot ignore.


We promise to provide the best work practice, however, we cannot guarantee how long the pigment will remain in the skin and we cannot be held responsible for low or no pigment uptake.

Some skin may not retain the ‘crispness’ of the pigmented hair stroke, and others (although rare) may not retain the hair stroke at all as it can blur over time. Retention depends on your skin type, texture, oiliness, and aftercare.


Any violence, aggression or verbal abuse towards any member of staff will not be tolerated. Violence is not restricted to acts that may result in physical harm. It also includes behaviour or language (whether spoken, written or via social media). This may include threats, personal abuse, derogatory remarks or swearing. This includes the client, as well as any accompanying person/persons or friends/family members.

In case of any abusive behaviour, the treatment can be refused, and the deposit might be lost.